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Near-Future Projects from
      Dojo Kun Comics

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Cover A by Eric Ninaltowski (at right) with variants by Stefani Renee, Elliot Rodriguez, and Candy Couple. Over 120 pages of tales by 4 writers,16 artists, 10 colorists and 6 letterers! New characters! 80% of the pages are new / 20% reprinted from Tōrō Tales #1!
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Trident's New Alliance #01 - Cover for D
Proudly support the newest Indie Comics sensation: Dojo Kun Comics, by ordering one of our logo t-shirts! Available in Black, White or Grey in S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL. Get yours today! Select "Sale" Button ----->

Dojo Kun Comics' 
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Individual Comics for sale as print-to-order via


Want to give our titles a try?  Click on the images of the covers below!

Siamese #01 - Cover for DOJO KUN COMICS.
Siamese #02 - Cover for DOJO KUN COMICS.
Siamese #03 - Cover for DOJO KUN COMICS.
Siamese #04 - Cover for DOJO KUN COMICS.
Dojo Kun Annual Compendium #01 - Cover f
I Am Become Death - Cover by Aries with
Nightmist & The Scarlet Archer #01 - Cov
Loved Ones #01 - Second Printing.png
Mad King #01 - Cover for DOJO KUN COMICS
Dojo Kun Comics Presents Alliances, Star
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Dojo Kun Comics Collection for Sale

Dojo Kun Comics has a number of comic books from the Silver Age through the Modern Age from the mainstream comic book companies, along with collectible toys, figures and more!

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