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Projectile Reptile.png

The newest Sci-Fi Western to hit the scene! Dojo Kun Comics' "Projectile Reptile" brings you wild west action with a WILD twist!

Projectile Reptile Caius Cover A.png
Projectile Reptile Renzo Cover B.png
Projectile Reptile Shelby Cover C.png
Projectile Reptile - Desmond Gibbon - art by Isiah Bradley copy.png

Cover A by Caius

Cover B by Renzo

Cover C by Shelby
(Limited Edition Hard Cover)

$6K Stretch Goal UNLOCKED! A Metal Trading Card of Cover A for all physical tier backers!

New Background with 5 Icons.png

Join us in the chat of INCENDIARY! on the Dojo Kun Comics Channel!
With a panel of five co-hosts: Brian Menard (Dojo Kun Comics),
Jake Adams (TaleEnd Studios), Fatasmigorical (Fanta!), Peter Orchard (Peter Orchard Studios)  and BlueSamuraiZero!
It's a hot-topic debate show where the guest each week picks their ally and opponents to confront the hot topics of comics and entertainment!

Deanna, Hammer of the Angels #01 - Front
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Near-Future Projects from Dojo Kun Comics

Trident's New Alliance #01 - Cover for D
Trident's New Alliance Logo.tif
Asian 2.PNG
Siamese Logo by Bryan Hoover v.4 transparent photoshop logo.png

Coming in Fall 2023

Proudly support the newest Indie Comics sensation: Dojo Kun Comics, by ordering one of our logo t-shirts! Available in Black, White or Grey in S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL. Get yours today! Select "Sale" Button ----->

Dojo Kun Comics' First Crowdfunding Campaign

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Page001A - Front Cover 01.jpg
Page001B - Front Cover 02.jpg
Page001C - Front Cover 03.jpg
Page001D - Front Cover 03.jpg
Page001E - Front Cover 05.jpg
Page001F - Front Cover 06.jpg

Individual Comics for sale as print-to-order via


Want to give our titles a try?  Click on the images of the covers!

Siamese #01 - Cover for DOJO KUN COMICS.
Siamese #02 - Cover for DOJO KUN COMICS.
Siamese #03 - Cover for DOJO KUN COMICS.
Siamese #04 - Cover for DOJO KUN COMICS.
Nightmist & The Scarlet Archer #01 - Cov
Back Cover Image.JPG
Dojo Kun Comics Presents Alliances, Star
Mad King #01 - Cover for DOJO KUN COMICS
Mad King #02 - Cover v.2.png
Loved Ones #01, Cover.png

First printing no longer available. Order the Second Printing from Correct-Handed Productions 

Dojo Kun Annual Compendium #01 - Cover f
I Am Become Death - Cover by Aries with
Loved Ones #01 - Second Printing.png

The Loved Ones #01 Second Printing!

​The Dojo Kun Comics Comic Book Collection is for sale

  • The Dojo Kun Comics Collection, amassed over nearly five decades, was mostly divested in 2014. A number of silver age issues, key issues and favorites from the collection were kept and are now for sale.

  • The pictures you see here on the site are not stock images, but actual photos of the books on hand.

  • In nearly all cases, there is only one copy available in this collection (exceptions will be listed as separate entries).

  • This list will take a very long time to include here, so it may change frequently. Come back to shop often!

  • This is a claim sale, and prices have been researched from online sales sites.

  • Prices are firm and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • To order a comic book from this collection, you must send an email to

  • Your subject line must read COMIC COLLECTION and in the body of the message, indicate the issue(s) you intend to purchase and the price you are agreeing to pay for each (just to be sure we're on the same page).

  • Dojo Kun Comics will respond to let you know if you were the first to claim each issue and what your total will be, including shipping.

  • Shipping will be combined for multiple issued purchased at the same purchase transaction.

  • Domestic U.S. Shipping for 1 - 5 comics will be $5.95

  • Domestic U.S. Shipping for 6 - 10 comics will be $9.95

  • Domestic U.S. Shipping for 11 - 20 comics will be $12.95

  • Domestic U.S. Shipping for more than 20 comics or for international orders will need to correspond with Dojo Kun Comics for shipping cost (

  • All sales are final and there are no returns, so look closely at the condition and ask questions if you have them. (Please understand that someone else may buy the issue without questions and their claim will be first if you haven't made yours yet).

  • Your purchase will be sent in a Gemini mailer, so they will be well-packaged.

  • All orders will be sent on Saturday each week via USPS.

Action Comics #312     Price $12.00

Action Comics #381     Price $25.00

Action Comics #402     Price $17.00

Action Comics #435     Price $15.00

Action Comics #448     Price $7.00

Adventures of Superman #430     Price $5.00

Adventures of Superman #613     Price $4.00

Amazing Spider-Man #78 (1st app Prowler - low grade)     Price $50.00

Batman #180     Price $50.00

Batman #191     Price $35.00

Batman #300     Price $30.00

Batman & The Justice League #1     Price $2.50

Beyond #1     Price $3.00

Bizarre Adventures #34 (Hate Christmas Issue)     Price $15.00

Captain Marvel #34     Price $2.50

Conan #264     Price $5.00

Daredevil #348     Price $3.00

Daredevil #369     Price $3.00

Detective Comics #584 (Second app. Scarface)     Price $6.00

Doom 2099 #16     Price $5.00

Dreadstar and Company #4     Price $3.00

Excalibur #53 (featuring Spider-Man)     Price $3.00

Fantastic Four #376 (First app. Psi-Lord)     Price $4.00

Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #3     Price $3.50

Generic Comic Book #1    Price $2.00

Green Lantern Corps #213     Price $3.50

Incredible Hulk #180 (First cameo app. Wolverine)     Price $500.00

Incredible Hulk #265 (First app. The Rangers)     Price $10.00

Incredible Hulk #271 (First app. Rocket)     Price $150.00

Nightcrawler #1     Price $6.00

Outsiders #19     Price $2.00

Power of the Atom #3     Price $2.00

Red Tornado #3     Price $2.50

Secret Defenders #1     Price $5.00

Secret Origins #8     Price $3.00

Silver Surfer #81 (1st app Ganymede / Tyrant)     Price $6.00

Superman #167     Price $3.50

Superman The Man of Steel #45     Price $3.00

Trinity #44     Price $3.50

Valor #13     Price $2.00

Vigilante Southland #1     Price $2.00

War Machine #14     Price $3.00

What If ... #21 (Spider-man marry Black Cat)     Price $10.00

What If ... #51 (Punisher as Cap America)     Price $10.00

Wolverine #65     Price $4.50

X-Factor #121     Price $4.00

X-Men / Teen Titans #1     Price $12.00

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004 . Lone Shark by Skip Ottaviani, colors by Patricia Loupee v.1.png
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